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Gallery: Alex di Leo shines at solo Arizona appearance

Carefree melodies and hook-heavy songs create the perfect soundtrack for a Sunday night, the time when the Scaries are looming and you just want a few more hours of escape before the work week ahead. It means Alex di Leo is your perfect performer, especially on this solo tour that is much more low key than his previous appearance in Arizona last summer when he came with a full band and was on the road with Knox Hamilton. 

Di Leo and singer-songwriter Cody Lovaas wrap up their Summer ‘19 Tour tonight, a cross-country journey that solidified their friendship and was full of new adventures like skydiving.

“I’m always most motivated to write when I’m in a place I’ve never been before,” says di Leo. “Even just riding on the plane when I’m traveling somewhere new seems to do something to me, and the melodies just start to come together.”

With simple warm light and his acoustic guitar, Alex di Leo took the stage at downtown Phoenix’s Valley Bar for a mix of old songs and new. From excited fans up against the stage to an appreciative crowd at cocktail tables toward the back of the room, di Leo delighted Valley Bar with “Brooklyn Bridge,” “High,” and yet-to-be-released tracks. 

Atlas caught the set and was excited to see a familiar face. Check out the photos below!
Story and photos by Taylor Gilliam