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Show Review: The Struts bring grit, glam and Glorious Sons to Tempe

When you’re ‘Young & Dangerous’ like The Struts, you don’t need a break—and you can certainly circle the globe on your tour and stop through cities twice. And thankfully Tempe made the cut for a second visit (after last November’s date) because we can always use some sparkle in the summer. 


Their direct support, Ontario based rockers The Glorious Sons launched a high-energy gritty rock set that felt a little out of place on the grand stage of the Marquee Theatre; It’s probably because once you snap back to reality, you forget you haven’t been raging at a dive bar.

New single “Panic Attack” opened the show, and the band traversed between albums to stop at favorites like “S.O.S. (Sawed Off Shotgun)” and “Kill the Lights.” All the while, frontman Brett Emmons whipped his long mane around and strutted in clothes he claims are from his aunt’s closet. (Honestly, though, a style icon in plaid pants and a cheetah print coat.)


And who better to tour with than The Struts, led by Luke Spiller and his sparkling makeup and rotation of equally fabulous outfits? 


If any band is going to kickstart the next British Invasion, it’s them. Asking if the crowd was ready for the greatest fucking show they’ve ever seen, Spiller prompted raucous dancing to rock ‘n roll on a Monday night. He himself was a vision on stage alongside guitarist Adam Slack, bassist Jed Elliott, and drummer Gethin Davies. 


The uptempo continued through most of the set until the band slowed it down for an acoustic rendition of “Mary Go Round” lit only by phone flashlights—both from the general admission crowd and the “posh folk” on the balcony. It was a chance for everyone to breathe and catch their second wind for the rest of the party. 


As usual, The Struts were there to entertain and did not disappoint. But it was the highly engaged crowd that made all the difference and made their return an extra exciting affair. The band made everyone feel young & dangerous, even if it was only for a night. 


Story and photos by Taylor Gilliam