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Gallery: The Head and the Heart and Hippo Campus celebrate Living Mirage in Phoenix

The Head and the Heart returned to Phoenix for a breathtaking show at Comerica Theatre this week. Joined by Hippo Campus, the night was filled with beautiful lights and dancing from a crowd ready to have a fantastic time.

Hippo Campus drew fans to the barricade shouting declarations of love and even song requests. The band adores their fans and wished one giddy group happy birthday, all while running through a slew of spectacular tracks. The room was standing and moving to their stellar vibes before The Head and the Heart took the stage.

The Head and the Heart decorated Comerica’s stage with the landscape of their latest album, Living Mirage. The show itself was a spectacle of colors and sounds, the audience’s upturned faces awestruck at the band’s talent. THATH played plenty of new songs to celebrate the album, but fans really lit up at some of the older material in the setlist. The night was positive and pretty and we’re ready for more.

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Story and photos by Olivia Khiel