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Gallery: Geographer resonates with fans at Bowery Ballroom

Bowery Ballroom fit Geographer perfectly. A few hundred folks, beers in hand, swayed and grooved all night long to the looped tracks and vocals that many have come to know and love since 2007.

Formed in San Francisco, Geographer is the indie pop brain child of Mike Deni. Using a variety of layers, he’s resonated with a small but dedicated following. Each song seemed to be a favorite of another person in the room, subsequently making their night as the first beat dropped.

Deni was active with the crowd and on stage while looping the tunes. Bringing out the saxophone on “I’m Wasted In The Dark” immediately drew cheers. He threw drumsticks into the audience after “Verona”. Deni kept it simple all night but in a smaller venue like Bowery, that’s all he needed to throw a killer show.

Deni has driven further down the electronic-based road with his 2019 EP release, New Jersey. It’s moody, but has shown his development both vocally and as a producer. For those looking to get a fresh sense of the indie pop scene, it’s time to get Geographer on your map.

Story and photos by Blake Benard