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Gallery: Geographer graces Crescent Ballroom with groovy synths and beats

Mike Deni was determined to bring the crowd back to life on Monday night. Going by his stage name, Geographer, he and his live band created a dreamy setlist of what he describes as “soulful music from outer space” that combines elements of indie pop and electronica.

The San Francisco-based project started with Deni found a synthesizer on the street after relocating to the city from New Jersey, and it’s the overarching element to all of his music from 2008’s Innocent Ghosts to the New Jersey EP that was released earlier this year. Electronic and acoustic elements form layers that make each track sonically complex but still danceable, which is the idea for each live show.

The Crescent Ballroom was aglow as the music pulsed with beats from local band MRCH, Seattle electronic artist Manatee Commune, and Geographer. A Monday night never felt so fun.

Check out our photos from the show!
Story and photos by Taylor Gilliam