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Gallery: Anberlin makes their 2019 comeback with strong Phoenix show

It is the year 2019 and Anberlin has risen from the dead. Since playing their final shows in 2014, fans had nearly lost hope that the band would ever return. Instead, they’ve come back strong, playing a nearly sold-out show at The Van Buren last week.

I the Mighty provided the only support for the evening, rising to the occasion with energy and flair. The band was fully engaged with the audience, drawing more people from the bar into the main room. They played a steady 40 minute set that included the headbang-worthy “Degenerates” before closing things out with “Silver Tongues”.

The room was nearly full when Anberlin took the stage to deafening cheers (and more than a few people already shouting requests). Their set was hit after hit, bringing fan favorites to the front. “Adelaide” draw screaming and singing while the band couldn’t contain their obvious joy to be back onstage together.

The sweetest moment of the evening came with the introduction of a seven-year-old girl named Anberlin. The band invited the family onstage to celebrate their reunion, expressing their awe that their music had created such an impact.

The rest of the night was a party- everyone was there to rejoice in the return of legends. They played 21 songs and closed with “*Fin”, even though no one in the venue was ready to go home.

Check out our photos from the show!
Story and photos by Olivia Khiel