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Album Review: John Floreani explores heartache and the afterlife on newest solo endeavor

Trophy Eyes’ magnetic frontman John Floreani ventures back into solo territory with his latest album, sin. His first venture since 2014, this record overflows with stellar vocals, production and thought-provoking lyrics.

Floreani takes a different direction with his solo work, choosing a more indie sound that really highlights his unique voice. Lyrically, sin is a dark journey into love, death and heartbreak. He bares his soul on “Before the Devil Knows I’m Dead” and “I Don’t Want to Be Here Either”, while heading back into Trophy Eyes’ heavier sound on “Cocaine”.


In a recent release, Floreani broke down the story of “Before the Devil Knows I’m Dead”, saying, “My partner is Catholic. Her faith is very important to her. I’ve never felt deserving of someone so pure and so good, and so I wonder if it ever concerns her that she would spend her afterlife alone. Because, where she’s going, they don’t let folk like me inside.”

Ultimately, sin is an introspective, heart-wrenching triumph. Floreani is charismatic as a frontman for his band, but this project brings him to a new level of songwriting and musicianship as he stretches into topics that will resonate with fans of both of his endeavors.

Sin by John Floreani: 4.5/5

Must-listen track: Echoes


Story by Olivia Khiel
Cover art courtesy of John Floreani
Photo by Jay Wennington