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Show Review: Marianas Trench brings the Suspending Gravity spectacle to Silver Spring

Canadian alt-rockers Marianas Trench brought some sunshine to rainy Maryland at the latest stop of the Suspending Gravity Tour on Sunday.

A restless crowd chanted for the band after the two openers, screaming their approval at the projected intro onto screens behind the stage. The band took the stage in full costume- sequins and tails included- for the nearly acapella “Eleanora” right into “Only the Lonely Survive” from their latest album, Phantoms.


The fans were already wild with enthusiasm, dancing with abandon to “Stutter”. The middle of the set was dedicated to the band’s older songs and “Pop 101” inspires the same adoring reaction every time (especially with Ramsay walking through the audience, ending up in the balcony for the last notes).

Singer Josh Ramsay underwent several outfit changes over the course of the evening, his spangled jackets and mesh shirt leaving all the girls and gays swooning. Guitarist Matt Webb and bassist Mike Ayley held down beautifully executed harmonies, while drummer Ian Casselman kept the backbone of the set strong.


“Glimmer” was literally a shining moment in the set and Ramsay let the crowd know his favorite song was in the cards with “Don’t Miss Me?”. Marianas Trench was drowned out by the fans’ singing along for “All to Myself”.

Marianas Trench is one of the most theatrical bands in today’s alt-rock and they let their production only augment the insane talent that’s already onstage. Ramsay’s voice defies both gravity and physics, reaching notes of untold heights. The band closed with “Desperate Measures” and “Fallout”, also from their latest album before exiting in a frenzy of white light beams.


As it was Cinco de Mayo, Ramsay returned with a guitar and a celebratory tequila shot to start the encore. His hauntingly longing solo performance of “One Love” drew breathless singing and even a few tears from the fans. The rest of the band returned for a rousing rendition of “Who Do You Love” before ending the night properly with new track “The Killing Kind”.

As Marianas Trench took a bow at the end of the night, the venue felt like a celebration and a story coming to a close. The massive crowd spilled out onto the rain-soaked streets of Silver Spring, already happily looking forward to the group’s next visit to the States.


Story and photos by Olivia Khiel