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Gallery: Architects rain Holy Hell upon The Van Buren for Phoenix tour stop

UK heavy hitters Architects steamrolled into The Van Buren for the Arizona stop of their North American tour on Saturday.

Joined by While She Sleeps and Thy Art is Murder, each band brought their brand of metal to the packed room. Fans showed up early for While She Sleeps and the room continued to fill as Thy Art is Murder took the stage. The Aussie quintet demanded everything from circle pits to synchronized jumping as the crowd screamed affirmation.

Architects took things to a new level of insanity from the first notes, blinding the audience with strobes and high intensity beams for the duration of their set. They played new music and plenty of old favorites as the crowd roiled and shouted the words.

Check out our photos from the show below!
Story and photos by Olivia Khiel