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Gallery: American Football treats Brooklyn’s Warsaw to career-spanning show

A moment stood out from this killer show at Warsaw in Brooklyn, NY.

During a stripped down trumpet intro to “The Summer Ends”, there were some note slips from Steve Lamos and an all-too-audible jab from an audience member making fun of him. Lets just say the quick to speak fan was booed loudly, Steve was cheered on and American Football lead singer and guitarist Mike Kinsella flipped the fan off after the intro was over. The scene fit a mood most had at Warsaw: we don’t care, we’re just excited to have American Football again.

Guitarist/singer Mike Kinsella, drummer/trumpeter Steve Lamos and guitarist Steve Holmes started American Football in 1999 with the release of their self-titled EPThe band then didn’t record for over 15 years. With their recent reunion and album releases, fans are thrilled at every show.

To the random “fan” in the audience- boo all you want. The rest of us will enjoy the goodness of American Football while we have it.

The rest of the show was smooth as they come. They rolled through most of their debut EP and touched on new tunes from LP3. “Stay Home, Honestly?” and “The Summer Ends” had the crowds grooving. “Uncomfortably Numb” holds up incredibly well and their live rendition of “Silhouettes” might be one of the best opening tunes in recent memory.

American Football heads out west to close out the rest of their 2019 U.S. tour before heading overseas. Catch them while you can!

Story and photos by Blake Benard