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Show Review: Jake Miller takes his newest EP on the road with Wait for You Tour

The world of pop music is a fickle, ever-changing beast, but Jake Miller has defied all odds from the beginning. He’s taking his latest EP, BASED ON A TRUE STORY, on the road, bringing the Wait For You Tour to Phoenix last week.


Former Big Time Rusher Logan Henderson opened the evening, kickstarting his solo pop/R&B career. Henderson already had great success in his former boy band life, but the screams for his new material are just as deafening. His live guitarist kept the mostly tracked set fresh for songs like “Bite My Tongue” (a fan favorite judging from the shrillness of the shrieking) and new song “Zodiac”.   

Most of Henderson’s songs are smooth, seductive slow jams that really put his vocals on display. He even took an acoustic interlude before closing his set with “End of the World” and a medley of covers and originals that blended nicely to round things out.


Tensions built as fans of all ages and genders crept closer to the stage in anticipation of their headliner. Make no mistake- Jake Miller is the real deal. Talented and endlessly humble, he started with a bang before walking the stage to introduce himself to every member of the crowd close enough to clasp his hands. While Club Red’s smaller theater may have only been half full, the audience more than filled the space with their energy and enthusiasm.

The Wait For You Tour was a celebration of new music, with Miller’s newest EP hitting the streets at the end of March. With this in mind, he played the entirety of this new project throughout the show, mixing in older songs and fan faves.


In true fangirl (and fanboy) fashion, the crowd screamed for Miller to “take your shirt off!” but he bashfully refused before continuing with the music. There were plenty of bangers to go around, throwing things back “for my OG fans” with “Dazed and Confused”.

At such a young age, Miller’s built an already impressive catalog of music and drew from it all night long. Fans danced on the stairs and behind the sound booth, moms rocked their VIP lanyards and bought shirts galore and Miller smiled through every second of his lengthy set. Songs like “Collide” and “London Eyes” brought smiles to faces and kept the room bouncing to the beat.


The end of the night came, as always, far too soon for the fans’ liking. Miller was right there with them, a true performer who definitely loves his job. Miller’s fans are a small but mighty group, ride or die for their boy. Miller, in turn, showers all that love back on the people that lift him up with no trace of false vibes or saccharine emotions. Spending an evening in that theater felt like an oasis, a safe space for lovers of solid pop music to come together and celebrate as one unit. No doubt in our minds- Miller’s been in the game for awhile but his time is only just beginning.


Story and photos by Olivia Khiel