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Show Review: Copeland and From Indian Lakes bring a melancholy passion to Phoenix

Rarely are two bands more perfectly suited to tour together than the combination of Copeland and From Indian Lakes. Their mellow melancholia complements each other perfectly, and this stellar package visited a sold out Rebel Lounge in Phoenix last week.

From Indian Lakes is back, fresh from a fairly lengthy hiatus. With no new releases since their 2016 album, the band is dipping back into touring life, with the promise of music on the horizon. The band provided direct support to Copeland, and the crowd was clearly pleased with the choice.


Frontman Joey Vannucchi swayed and bobbed, his unbelievable voice filling the crowded room. Those lucky enough to find themselves in the front were mesmerized, with many of them singing along, eyes shut in total concentration. The band played through a variety of songs from their catalog and the fans knew every word, choosing to sing them back in a much more subdued tone so as not to distract from the band’s incredible performance. They ended the set with a jam session, prompting a rare smile from the usually somber singer.


Copeland was the true toast of the evening. The revered quartet took the stage to a roomful of applause, keeping their entrance humble. This is a band that has aged beautifully, their songs having just as much impact on the fans now as they did when the music was brand new.


Similar to From Indian Lakes, the audience was at rapt attention, with many truly feeling the music as the performance went on. Fans sang with arms outstretched as singer Aaron Marsh took them through the band’s discography. There were cheers of delight for “I Can Make You Feel Young Again” and the cell phones came out to record “Brightest”.


Copeland took The Rebel Lounge’s small stage and transformed the room into a much bigger space with their frame of ever-changing light boxes. Tones of white, green and purple expanded the feeling of the show, lending more depth to the richness of the set. Marsh often found himself behind his famous piano, inches away from the adoring crowd who continued to sing every word.


The evening seemed to end all too soon, but the 17-song setlist left the audience satisfied, having experienced the magic of what may have just been the most perfectly placed tour lineup to grace Phoenix in recent memory.


Story and photos by Olivia Khiel