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Gallery: Taking Back Sunday celebrates 20 years with two-night extravaganza

Taking Back Sunday has reached a milestone often unattainable in the music industry. 2019 marks 20 years of the band, so they’ve taken this calendar year to celebrate by touring on all of their classic records.

The band brought the party to Tempe’s Marquee Theater on Thursday and Friday, playing four albums in total, throwing in a select few special songs at the end of the sets. Atlas attended night one of this spectacle, packed in to a sold out crowd of happiness and nostalgia.

Frank Iero and the Future Violents, the latest incarnation of Iero’s solo musical endeavor, opened the show as the sole support for the tour. With two albums and a smattering of singles, Iero had plenty of material to draw from for his lengthy set. The band is pure punk- fast and loud but never sloppy. While the venue was slowly filling up, Iero was magnetic, drawing the arriving fans into his brand of raw unfiltered music.

Taking Back Sunday hit the stage to a suddenly full venue, the screams drowning out singer Adam Lazzara for the first several songs. The band kicked things off with a run through of “Tell All Your Friends” in full, before flipping a coin to decide the second album of the night.

To the absolute delight of the room, the fan brought onstage to perform the coin toss landed on “Louder Now”, arguably the band’s most critically acclaimed record. TBS didn’t miss a beat, jumping right in to the popular album, as the crowd renewed their energy and kept dancing. The night ended with a four song encore and loads of confetti, appropriately marking this massive accomplishment for Taking Back Sunday.

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Photos by Olivia Khiel.