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10 Years of Want: 3OH!3 is taking the house party on the road for album anniversary

One things that a decade has taught the scene- 3OH!3 don’t give a shit what you think, they just want you to keep the party going.

The Colorado duo is dusting off their major label debut album Want for a 10-year anniversary tour this fall and the shows are selling out.


Ten years ago, critics from the far reaches of the internet panned Want, calling it (among other things) “a collection of party songs for the socially inept.” Dual vocalists Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte didn’t care about the reviews in 2008 any more than they care about them today and they took that attitude to several Warped Tour runs, a collection of albums, a cruise and beyond.

Sure, Want is a completely ridiculous album. Capitalizing on the “crunkcore” movement out of the latter days of MySpace, it’s full of nonsensical electronic sounds, piano riffs and a cross between rap and pseudo-spoken word shouting over bass-heavy beats. And that’s just the sound. Lyrically, 3OH!3 started on satirical and ended on the borderline misogynistic. To the shock of every music writer, it worked. The duo went on to enjoy some of the largest crowds at that year’s subsequent Warped Tour and Want launched a career that continues to this day.


After all, who could ever forget lyrics like “Do the Hellen Keller and talk with your hips” or “Tell your boyfriend if he says he’s got beef, that I’m a vegetarian and I ain’t fuckin’ scared of him”? Lead single “DONTTRUSTME” was an instant scene staple and 3OH!3 was able to take that party out and release a catalog of less successful but no less hilarious records.

Foreman and Motte love drinking, partying, shenanigans and hitting on the finest women they can find. That formula has carried all of the group’s albums, even with the real-life juxtaposition of both members being happily married today. While many people found the music offensive or tasteless, 3OH!3 was never here to upset anyone- they just want to have a good time with whoever’s down to join.


The world is now the duo’s house party and this fall, you’re all invited. Shows are already selling out and, based on the pictures, this tour isn’t a party you’ll want to miss. 3OH!3 returns to Phoenix on Saturday, November 10 at The Pressroom. Tickets are still available here.

Story by Olivia Khiel. Live photos by Olivia Khiel. Show flyers courtesy of 3OH!3