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Show Review: 8 great things spotted at Vinyl Theatre’s Starcruiser Tour

Vinyl Theatre, The Catching, and local band The Ricky Fitts took over The Rebel Lounge in Phoenix on Monday night for the Starcruiser Tour, named for Vinyl Theatre’s latest album. The intimate show was full of captivating moments and unique performances from each act, and there was plenty to see throughout the night. Atlas was lucky enough to be a part of it.

These are the 8 best things we saw on the Starcruiser tour.

  1. Fletcher Milloy’s shiny bomber jacket

Guitarist/keyboardist for The Ricky Fitts, Fletcher Milloy dressed for the general theme of outer space with a shiny gold bomber jacket. The Ricky Fitts have been growing within Phoenix’s music scene with their indie/R&B fusion influences. Last year’s The Great Beyond has even garnered them slots in L.A. venues and at local festivals like Pot of Gold and Lost Lake Festival.


     2. Elliot James’ dance moves

The Ricky Fitts frontman Elliot James was spazzing out on stage in the best way possible throughout the band’s set. With several fans showing up specifically for them, the room felt like a house party that actually has live music instead of an aux cord.


     3. The Catching’s cover of “Come Together”

The Catching just relocated from New Jersey to L.A. to work with Matt Squire, producer of albums by Panic! At the Disco and All Time Low. It’s a perfect match—drawing inspiration from Fall Out Boy and Imagine Dragons, The Catching follow in the same vein of modern rock. Frontman Holden Glazer’s low rockstar voice soars over Jake Farbman and Evan Hemwall’s polished guitar hooks and Drew Stevens’ drums. Their original music is strong, but it was their cover of The Beatles’ “Come Together” that stood out. The iconic track got a rock revival, and the band went so hard.


4. The merch skeleton

Two words: spooky season.

5. The Rebel Lounge’s playlist

Any playlist that goes from “Canned Heat” by Jamiroquai (of Napoleon Dynamite’s dance scene fame) to The Black Eyed Peas is a playlist that we can get behind.


     6. Vinyl Theatre’s astronaut outfits

When the lights dimmed before Vinyl Theatre’s set, a transmission track played over the speakers: two space vehicles were communicating, one of them being Starcruiser. The Space Mountain aesthetic was so strong, and then Keegan Calmes, Chris Senner, and Nick Cesarz took the stage in Ghostbusters-esque jumpsuits. Almost half of Starcruiser made it into the setlist, and we were reminded of why the band was chosen for one of twenty one pilots’ earliest tours. These guys rock.

     7. “Sail” cover, Vinyl Theatre style

Another fun cover that made the crowd go wild, Awolnation’s “Sail” was given the Vinyl Theatre treatment.


     8. “Breaking Up My Bones”

Vinyl Theatre’s breakout single from 2014 is still their most popular, and fans waited all night to hear this favorite. It drew everyone to the stage—not a single person hung back to watch from afar—and was the perfect high energy closeout.

Story and photos by Taylor Gilliam

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