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Spotify Cuts Out Middleman, Artists Can Now Upload to the Service Directly

Kiss your distributors goodbye.  Spotify announced a new feature allowing artists to upload tracks through the Spotify for Artists platform. The feature is currently in invite-only beta mode. Spotify states it will, “bring uploads to even more artists, labels and teams.”

Currently, the test version of this service is free, making it a game-changer for the industry. This means artists can upload as many tracks as they please without being charged any additional royalties. If this gets rolled out in full force, it could make distributors a thing of the past.

While this may come as great news for artists, it might not be as greatly received by SoundCloud and third-party aggregators. Spotify’s blog states “Just like releasing through any other partner, you’ll get paid when fans stream your music on Spotify. Your recording royalties will hit your bank account automatically each month, you’ll see a clear report of how much your streams are earning right next to the other insights you already get from Spotify for Artists.”


Story by Shelby Kazen