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Interview: The Unlikely Candidates talk touring, new music and the castle in Malibu

Texas rockers The Unlikely Candidates have been jamming in clubs and amphitheaters alike over the last several years. Atlas caught up with singer Kyle Morris, guitarist Cole Male and bassist Jared Hornbeek before their show at Pub Rock on Tuesday. The guys talk everything from their dream castle in Malibu to why they still love Brand New.

Atlas Artist Group: You guys have been in the game for a long time and it’s not an easy life. What keeps you motivated and excited about playing music?

Jared Hornbeek: Touring is a big part of it. Seeing the growth of our fanbase and interacting with our audience as well; it’s cool that we get to go out on tour and meet new fans, see old fans that have been around for years and build those new relationships and maintain those old ones.

AAG: What’s been your favorite tour and do you have any crazy stories?

JH: We just did a tour with the Dirty Heads over November [and] December and that was a great tour. It was sold out almost every night in 2,000-cap venues so just being able to get onstage and play in front of all their fans; it was kind of a weird thing at first, going on tour with a reggae band. It actually worked really well with their fans enjoying our music and [us] giving them something a little different…so we had a good reaction there from their fans.

AAG: Who is your dream collaboration, whether on tour or in the studio?

Kyle Morris: Daft Punk would be dope. Everything they do is kind of awesome and I would love to know what my voice would sound like as a robot.

AAG: If you decided not to play music someday, where would you all like to end up?

JH: If I stopped playing music I would probably still play music but I would find a job somewhere in the music industry. I enjoy the business side of things, booking and managing. I also work with a music non-profit called Music Saves Lives so I would probably be very involved with that and also try to make a living somewhere else.

KM: I would move to Tibet. I don’t know what I’d do there- just get a ticket [and go].

Cole Male: I don’t know what I’d do, I kind of put my eggs all in this basket.

AAG: What’s the first album that comes to mind when you think about music you absolutely love?

KM: The Strokes.

JH: Deja Entendu by Brand New.

CM: Bob Dylan’s Highway 61.

AAG: What’s the master plan for The Unlikely Candidates?

CM: The castle in Malibu!

JH: I think really overall it’s just continuing doing what we’re doing- playing music and touring. I’ve always thought that if you keep playing music and you stick to it and keep going and touring, something good’s going to come of it.

CM: Just keep going, grind it out and you’re good.